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A Bit About Emily

Emily is an accomplished advisor and advocate within the arts and culture industry, with a unique talent for blending psychology, technology, and creativity. With a solid foundation in industrial-organizational psychology and an unwavering commitment to evidence-based strategies, Emily has devoted her career to revitalizing and sustaining high-impact organizations. Whether it's creating efficiency flows for optimized organizational health, developing top-tier user surveys, or designing and facilitating user research and strategic listening sessions, Emily's expertise empowers organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.


In her spare time, Emily enjoys traveling with her partner, painting, perusing local art exhibits, making giant charcuterie spreads, writing, and exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


Within the context of the Seattle community, Emily’s experience and leadership within the public sector have expanded her reach as a skilled consultant. Her work hinges on the power of clear and efficient communication strategies, sustainable management practices, learning and development implementations, and research-backed program analysis.

Highlighted Experience

October 2023 - Present

April 2023 




2018 - 2019


2017 - 2019

C8 Partner with theProCollective 

National Survey Design for Women of the Global Majority in Public Office

Survey Design

  • Collaborated with PhD researchers and Washington state representatives to develop and launch a national workplace environment survey

  •  Focused on behavioral interventions for building psychological safety for women and people of the global majority in political workspaces

​Program Evaluation for Unity Gaming Platform 

Research & Development

  • Contributed to a full spectrum program evaluation in preparation for a relaunch of exit survey program for Unity Gaming Platform

  • Developed research and theory, history and development, program objectives, and original pitch deck design

Nike: Selection & Performance Program 

Research & Development

  • Developed performance evaluation program for Nike’s internal storefront hiring process

  • Research and written contributions, along with a complete compensation and execution timeline, formatting, presentation, and original design

Session Lab: Facilitation Training Development Education & Survey Design

  • Developed an online facilitation training for remote teams, incorporating peer-reviewed tools and scientifically backed content for effective session preparation and participant engagement.

  • Designed and implemented accompanying toolkit, essential for gathering feedback and measuring success.

Healthy Democracy Coalition Seattle Chapter Head

  • Directed events linking Seattle philanthropists with local initiatives, utilized extensive community network for cause identification and research, oversaw volunteer management, and executed post-event evaluations.

Growing Home: Event Director

  • Directed 'Growing Home Workshop' addressing community needs for resources and hospitality culture, overseeing project development, fundraising, and execution with community volunteers and local sponsorships.

Brehm Arts Foundation Program Director

  • Managed quarterly and annual budgets, originated program management strategy, created and delegated all project timelines

  • Planned, executed, and facilitated quarterly trainings and programs, contributing to the development of learner-centric solutions

  • Spearheaded organizational change initiatives with cross-functional teams resulting in a 30% increase in program engagement

  • Utilized data analyses to evaluate program effectiveness, enhanced benchmarking, and reported quarterly KPI’s with stakeholders

  • Designed and conducted post-program survey assessments each quarter, led quarterly analysis, marketing strategy meetings

Skillset, Experience & Capabilities

Strategic Development ·Organizational Strategy · Facilitation · Curation & Branding · Organizational Development · Selection & Perfornamce Management · Presentation Design & Development · Managerial Communication · Program Analysis · Marketing & Motivation Research · Website Design Management (Creative & Design) · Learning Systems  · Data Analytics · KPI Assessment


Agency & Creative · Government · Arts & Culture · Entertainment · Health & Life Sciences · Online Gaming · Sports Apparel · Retail · Higher Education 

Education, Awards & Acknowledgements

Seattle Pacific University 

Industrial Organizational Psychology, MA

(The scientific study of human behavior in the workplace)

Media Features
Below are a few examples of media outlets that have featured Emily’s work as a public facilitator, and leadership development specialist. 

Seattle Pacific University

Bachelor's Degree, Education

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