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Strategic Scale

theProCollective's Strategic Scale service allows you to also take advantage of our flexible teams and staffing through a BoT (Build Operate Transfer) or a R2H (Recruit to Hire) model in which we recruit, hire and deploy team members for the purpose of transferring to your team as a full-time employee.

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Strategic Scale solutions


BoT (Build, Operate, Transfer) teams are built and configured to our clients needs and requirements.  We then deploy and operate the team to stabilize and refine KPIs.  The BoT team is then available to transfer over to the client as FTEs or an internally managed team.


R2H (Recruit to Hire) teams are recruited, built and assembled for client FTE hiring.  The R2H model empowers the client with recruiting, planning, program and team development capabilities for teams or individual SMEs.

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