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theProCollective is a team of professionals available to support, lead, and implement across your business in a strategic, impactful and cost-effective way.


theProCollective provides a number of options to empower you with scale and capacity while affording you the flexibility to build and develop your own team of FTEs at a size and pace that meets your needs.

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Capacity Staffing

theProCollective provides a great network of professionals along a wide range of capabilities, experiences and seniority levels. Our capacity staffing utilizes our on-site, on-shore and off-shore teams.

Office Work

Strategic Scale

theProCollective's Strategic Scale service allows you to also take advantage of our flexible teams and staffing through a BoT (Build Operate Transfer) or a R2H (Recruit to Hire) model in which we recruit, hire and deploy team members for the purpose of transferring to your team as a full-time employee.

Team Meeting


C8 and theProCollective have built a long list of successful teams for clients like T-Mobile, SeaGen, Cisco, HTC and UHC. We build turn-key teams with subject matter expertise, like a Design Studio or an Innovation Hub. We also deploy quick-ramp, drop-in teams to support and supplement your existing infrastructure.

Colleagues Working Together

Fractional Leaders

ProCollective Fractional Leaders are seasoned leaders and executives available to help lead your organization or guide critical initiatives and transformations. 

Giving a Presentation
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Product Strategist

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Design Engineer

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Sr. Program Manager

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