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C8 and theProCollective have built a long list of successful teams for clients like T-Mobile, SeaGen, Cisco, HTC and UHC. We build turn-key teams with subject matter expertise, like a Design Studio or an Innovation Hub. We also deploy quick-ramp, drop-in teams to support and supplement your existing infrastructure.

Colleagues Working Together

Team Solutions

Design Studio

theProCollective Design Studio teams enable our clients with rapid turn-key deployment of design teams specific to the business needs for quick-ramp and drop-in capacity and implementation.

Innovation Hub

Innovation Hubs are similar to Design Studios in that they also include an assembled Innovation Hub team.  However, Innovation Hub solutions can also provide pre-launch strategy, planning, market analysis and fractional leadership as needed.

Dev Pod

ProCollective Dev Pods are flexible, global, adaptive, agile and configurable.  ProCollective Dev Pods are fully contained Dev teams configured to your needs.

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