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Fractional Leaders

ProCollective Fractional Leaders are seasoned leaders and executives available to help lead your organization or guide critical initiatives and transformations. 

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Fractional Leader solutions

Marketing Executive

Seasoned marketing executives with global enterprise expertise available to join in a part-time, temporary or ramp-up capacity.

MarTech Exec

MarTech senior leaders and executives available to provide technical and infrastructure leadership and expertise whether you need a fractional leader to help you assess, grade and analyze your MarTech stack and then build a strategy for leadership consensus or board approval.

Executive Leader

Executive fractional leaders enabling our client partners with senior leadership across a variety of capabilities and industries.  A few examples include:

  • Sales and Client Services 

  • IT and Infrastructure (CIO, CTO)

  • AI/ML

  • Design (CDO)

  • as well as the Marketing and MarTech examples mentioned above

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